Technical Editing

Looking for a technical editor for your self-published patterns?  I work one-on-one with independent designers to make sure patterns are ready for the real world.  Please contact me at ktlv [at] ktlvdesigns [dot] com.

Services offered
Arithmetic: Do all the numbers make sense, both from the arithmetic point of view and for design consistency? Do the numbers in the schematic match calculated measurements based on gauge and stitch/row count?

Sizing: Do your sizes make sense given the standard sizes (CYC or otherwise) and the amount of ease desired?  Do all pieces have instructions for all sizes?

Consistency: Do you use the same language to describe similar steps? Do you consistently use the same abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, etc.?
Charts and Schematics: Do these agree with the written instructions?  Do they have all the appropriate notations, keys, etc.?  Are they placed appropriately relative to the text?

Photos and sketches: Do these make sense with the pattern?  Does the written pattern correspond with what's showing in the photo?  Could a different pose or angle give a better understanding of the pattern's final look? 

Flow: Does each section make sense following the last one?

Agreement with pattern norms: Do you follow your internal style? Does the pattern have all of the standard elements of a knitting pattern?

Copy editing: Typos, formatting, etc. not covered by the above.

Layout design: General comments about how the pattern fits together. I can also mock up a basic pattern layout for you, if you need that level of service.